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Collodial Gold Method | 15 Minutes Rapid Results

Antigen testing looks for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body. In an antigen test, a Cheek   Swab   is   done and the sample is tested to detect fragments of proteins which are found on or within the SARS-CoV-2   virus.   Results of the test are easily interpreted on the Testing Device, not unlike the pregnancy kit.

What’s inside each box

  • 20 Test cards
  • 20 Bottles of sample Lysis Solution
  • 20 Cotton swabs
  • 1 Specification insert

1. Simplicity – It is extremely easy to use with simple to understand instructions. However, certain countries still require trained professionals working on all testing activities.

2. Fast – After the extraction of the sample, it will take just 15 mins for the result to be reflected on the testing device. The short waiting time for results open up tremendous opportunities in testing services that will soon be compulsory in various industries like travel, hotel services, schools etc.

3. Lag Time – Unlike Antibody Testing, there is no need to wait 7-12 days before you take a test. The Covid-19 can be detectable within 24 hours of infection. This eliminates alot of uncertainty and swift action can be taken to isolate the patient for treatment.

4. Comfort – a problem often underestimated. Instead of using the invasive and uncomfortable Nasal Swab for sample extraction, our product uses the Oropharyngeal Swab method to collect staples from the back wall of the throat. It is less invasive and a less uncomfortable method of sample extraction will encourage willingness of suspected cases to come forward for voluntary testing.

5. Double cap lysate bottle + Crease design of nasopharyngeal swab -Easy to operate, no extra actions, no cross-infection, no leakage.

The swab strip has a creased design. When the swab with the creased design is placed in the bottle after sampling, gently fold the swab with the creased design out of the bottle mouth. The cotton swab will drop the sampling area into the lysis buffer, so that sufficient sampling can be done and the excess swabs will be discarded.

Reaction principle

Based on lateral flow immunoassay, red microspheres are labeled within antibody N28 that anti-N protein (recognizing N-terminal) and antibody N40 that anti-N protein (recognizing C-Terminal) is used as the test line. If there is N protein in the sample, it will firstly bind to the microsphere labeled antibody, and then captured by the capture antibody on the membrane to form a sadwich complex. The Test Line shows a red band.

Testing Process

The Swab sample is processed in the drip bottle, add 4 drops of the sample treatment solution, one after another, and observe the color of the T/C line within 20 to 30 minutes

Results Interpretation

The entire test time is about 30 minutes, the shortest time is 15 minutes

The test results are interpreted as shown below

Two Clinical institutions, a total of 239 samples, which are all nasopharyngeal swabs